St John of the Ladder

Orthodox Church | Greenville SC 29615

St John of the Ladder

Orthodox Church | Greenville SC 29615

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Just minutes from downtown Greenville, St John of the Ladder is a parish of the Orthodox Church of America. By the prayers and labors of the faithful, we have been blessed to have recently completed construction on a new temple and parish hall. Our community has over 200 adult members including many families with children (and children on the way!), and we are continually seeing growth. Our people are mostly converts, but we are also home to many immigrants from historically Orthodox countries, such as Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and even Guatemala. Aside from our rich liturgical cycle of worship (all in English), you will find we have an active acapella choir, Sunday church school from preschool to high school, youth and young adult groups, Saturday educational opportunities, involvement in local charities, and various other ministries to get involved with. We have found living in a community of believers a joyous spiritual discipline. Please pray for our community as we continue the work of Christ in Greenville.

Join us at St. John of the Ladder and become a part of our story!


Blessing of the Waters, Downtown Greenville

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The good, taken separately from truth and beauty, is only an indistinct feeling, a powerless upwelling; truth taken abstractly is an empty word, and beauty without truth and the good is an idol.
Vladimir Soloviev, The Heart of Reality


In a post-truth world, Truth matters. We provide a variety of adult and child programs for inquirers, catechumens, and those desiring to go deeper in their understanding of the faith.


Dostoevsky said, “Beauty will save the world”. We’re devoted to world-saving beauty through our ancient liturgy and music, iconography, architecture, and beautification ministries.


In a world of shallow connections, we are in need of discipleship. At St. John of the Ladder, you can connect to a deep and dependable community, serve those in need, and encounter Christ.

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