Our New Website Is Live!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of St. John of the Ladder’s new website. This is the first release of the site, and you’ll see a whole new look, a menu that provides the features in our old menu, including new items like a Clergy & Staff page and registration pages for the Diocese of the South Assembly we’re hosting this summer.

As we implement more of the grand plan for the new site, we’ll be posting announcements here, so stay tuned.

Some of the things that are planned for the coming months include:

  • Member logins and a cool new member directory
  • An online community (think of it as our own private Facebook)
  • Groups for all of our organizations and ministries
  • Help materials and Zoom classes for making the best use of the new site
  • Integrated forms for giving and a donations/tithing dashboard
  • A Frequently Asked Questions page for visitors and members alike
  • A new integrated event calendar with event signups
  • Integrated confessions and volunteering – no more separate Signup Genius
  • Custom content for clergy, catechumens, and group members

This means you will be able do everything from one location … no more need to login to SignUp Genius, Tithely, etc.

What Happened to the Old Version of the Site?

The old site is hosted on Squarespace and will be archived there until our Squarespace account expires on September 29, 2023. Contact the office if for some reason you need to look at the old version.

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